Monday, 30 September 2013

Dogs Allowed All Day on Cornish Beaches

Tomorrow is the day that a lot of us Dog Owners look forward to....  dog restrictions are normally lifted on the 1st October every year.

Not all beaches have restrictions issued by Cornwall Council, if there are dog restrictions please look out for signs similar to that in the photo below.

Please check all of the restrictions on each beach as they can vary.

Dog restrictions are lifted on 1st Oct by Cornwall Council

Enjoy your day walks on the beaches tomorrow, I know we will be heading to a beach during the day!  Freedom at last :-)

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Keeping Dogs Cool in the Cornish Heatwave

We have been so lucky having beautiful weather in Cornwall.  Its a great time to really enjoy our best friends in the lovely sunshine.

It is sooo important to make sure our four legged friends are comfortable in this heat after all they already have a fur coat on, we have put together some top tips on keeping your dogs cool.

This is by no means a complete list and you really must do what is right for your dog as like us every dog is individual.   We would love to hear any other tips you have as the more we have the more we can help others.

  • Shady Dog
Some might think this is obvious but making sure your dog has access to shade is really important to help reduce his/her temperature.  We have seen many dogs tied up with no shade which is really not fair.

  • Wet Dog
Fresh water should be available at all times, our dogs love really cool water so we sometimes put ice cubes in it - just like us they enjoy a refreshing drink.

Some dogs don't like to drink too much so a great tip is to offer small amounts of water with their favourite food in it or a touch of milk, I have yet to see a dog refuse these!

    Dog cool down at Cornish Beach
    Cool Down at on a Cornish Beach

  • Hot Footed Dog
When its hot hot hot out there the concrete and roads can get to an unbearable temperature, and we have seen some dogs actually burn their paw pads.  Its a simple way to test if its ok to walk your dog on the roads - try it out on your feet first.  If its too hot for you then it probably is for your dog too.

  • Early & Late Walkies
Its a great idea to get up early or leave walking to late evening so that you miss that midday heat.  This also helps to avoid meeting any Adders although in this heat there is always a risk.  See our blog post about Adders here.
Most dogs love getting into water in this weather so try to plan your walk near a stream, lake or beach for a cool down dip.

  • Travelling Dog
If you have to take your dog in the car, try to keep it as cool as possible using your air conditioning or opening windows to a save level, making sure your dog can't harm themselves. If you dog travels in a cage you can use cooling fans which help to cool things down.  Try to make water available especially if you are going on long journeys.
Its a good idea to put reflective barriers on your windows so when you and your dog gets in the temperature is much reduced.

Never leave your dog unattended in the car within minutes it can become a dangerous hot level and can be fatal.
RSPCA Dogs die in hot cars Cornwall
Dogs Die In Hot Cars - RSPCA

  • Garden Cool Down
If your enjoying the sunshine in your garden you can always get a paddling pool for your dogs.
To encourage them to use it add their favourite toys and get ready for the splash!

  • Dog Ices 
For the pampered pooch you can always make dog ices by using their favourite food mixed with some water into the freezer.  They will love eating it while we are making sure they cool down.

  • Hair Dog Do
If you dog has long hair and is suffering with the heat treat them to a shorter hair cut which will help them cool down.  Even a nice cool bath can make them feel better.

  • Cooling Reflective Coats
If you are out with your dog you can always let them wear a cooling coat which helps to reflect the sun and reduce their temperature. These work well if you are at dog shows waiting for your class.

  • Cooling Beds
There are some beds on the market that claim to cool your dogs down, we have not tried these but might be worth looking into them.

We hope these tips have helped you call down your best friends, if you have any other tips please feel free to share to help others.  Most of all make sure you enjoy this lovely weather safely with your best friends.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lost your dog in Cornwall? Guidelines to get them home

Cornish Dog Missing Poster
Dog Missing Poster

Over the last few months there has been a lot of dogs which have gone missing or stolen, this for me as well as I am sure every owner is very concerning.

If your dog goes missing we have come up with these simple steps for you to follow to hopefully get your dog returned to you as soon as possible.

Prepare details of your lost dog

Write a description of your dog breed, colour  age, any unique features including recent photos which are clear and would help people identify him/her.  You should say where you lost your dog including the date and time.  If you decide to offer a reward you should also state the amount and conditions.

Report your dog missing to Cornwall Councils Dog Wardens

You should register your missing best friend with the Dog Wardens at Cornwall Council. They will be able to let you know if any dogs have been found matching your description. 
Please note that if your dog is found by the Council you will be required to pay a charge to get your dog back, details of the charges are here. 
Contact Cornwall Council by using the below details
T.  0300 1234 212 or 

Contact your Microchip Company

If your dog has been Microchipped contact the company that holds your dogs mircochip details and report that your dog is missing.  They should then put a note on the database and if the dog gets found and scanned they will be able to reunite you.  

 Distribute a Lost Dog Poster 

Using the details of your dog which you prepared get a poster printed and put it up in areas close to where they went missing,  where there might have been spotted recently including local shops, community places , Post Offices, vets, rescue centres, farms if rural, local businesses, taxi firms, postmen, bus drivers etc if you can. 

A great idea is to put the posters upside down into A4 plastic wallets to protect from the weather (not that we get any rain in sunny Cornwall!) 

It might be impossible to give hard copies of posters so prepare digital posters that you can email to those places you can't visit.

If you register you dog's details on to they will create a poster for you. 

£500 Reward for Lost Dog in Cornwall
£500 Reward for lost dog in Cornwall

Social Media 

Facebook & Twitter are now a major part of getting dogs home.  There has been a lot of success finding dogs by setting up a facebook page giving details of your dog which you have already prepared and sharing it to as many people/businesses/groups that you know.
It would be good to share your details and with the below facebook pages
Love Dogs Love Cornwall
DogLost Cornwall Co-ordinator 

Contact the local media 

You can register you lost dog on Pirate FM website here  and on BBC Radio Cornwall website here

Keep searching on foot

Keep looking for your dog and try to get as many people as you can to help you.  Make sure you check for any near by shafts, hedges, ditches, cliffs etc in case your dog has been injured or become stuck. 

It is important to keep the information up to date on all of the above channels, keeping everyone aware of any sightings or updates of your dog.  Most importantly when you are reunited with your dog please let everyone know.

These are guidelines for you to find your best friend, if you know of any other places that can help people in Cornwall to find their dog please share by commenting and we will add them accordingly.  The more we help each other hopefully the quicker we can get dogs back to their owners.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Yarn Bomb on Dog Walk in Cornwall

There I was minding my own business on one of my dog walks and there is was, we had been bombed! Yarn Bombed!

Yarn Bombing at Gwithian, Cornwall

In the Cornish black and gold striped affect it gave a cosy feel to this industrial pipe that had been feeling a bit sorry for it self in the past.

This has been my first sighting of this on a dog walk here in Cornwall, and actually  it made me smile! 

Nonetheless I must say beware, the practice is still technically illegal in some jurisdictions, though it is not often prosecuted vigorously.

Some of you might be thinking what is this? I was not sure what it was called,  Knitting Graffiti I thought, but realised that I was not down with the lingo!  

So here goes to be hip this is what you should call it& Yarn bombing, yarnbombingyarnstormingguerrilla knittingurban knitting or graffiti knitting!

What ever you decide to use it is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk.

They are considered non-permanent, and, unlike other forms of graffiti, can be easily removed if necessary. 

On Valentines Day Porthleven was yarn bombed by Grannies Graffiti see story full story here.

So have you spotted any Yarn Bombing else where on your Cornish dog walks?  Would be interesting to see your photos!

Thank you to Netty for your comments... 
It seems I did not see the best of the Yarn Bombing please see photos below for those of us who have not seen the full affect.....  

Before Yarn Bomb at Gwithian
Pole Before Yarn Bombing

Seagull Yarn Bomb at Cornwall
The top of the Yarn Bomb 

Yarn Bombing on Cornish Dog Walk
Full Affect - Yarn Bombing at Gwithian Cornwall
Sun goes down Yarn Bomb at Gwithian
Sun set at Gwithian with Yarn Bomb

I think this is beautiful - Looking forward to being out dog walking to see where I can see the next Yarn Bombing!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Iso Survived 160ft Mine Shaft Fall Radnor Cornwall

Iso the dog
Iso saved by Firefighters after falling down a 160ft Mine Shaft
Brian Saunders dog 'Iso' escapes after falling 160ft down a disused mine shaft and being lost for 24 hours.Brian had been playing a round of golf at Radnor in Cornwall when his dog bolted into some bushes.Mr Saunders and friends scoured the area but Iso remained undiscovered until the next day when his barking was heard from the mine.
Iso escaped with a minor cut to his head and a "dented muzzle", but was in "good spirits" said rescuers.Start QuoteFirefighters were alerted after Sprocker spaniel Iso was heard the next day by a man living nearby.They said Iso could have been knocked unconscious by the fall, which was why he was not found earlier.A firefighter abseiled down the shaft to a ledge where Iso lay. They said he was winning and wagging his tail to see his saviour.Commander Dave Carlisle, of Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, said: "It made our day when we found him." He said the shaft had thick undergrowth around it.Retired pharmacist Mr Saunders, from Falmout,h said: "It was a miracle when he came out."I'm very proud of him."Mr Saunders took ownership of his pet after Iso failed to become a police sniffer dog. He said a police handler had found Iso's first interest was hunting, not retrieving.
"It was his enthusiasm that got the better of him, but he will be on a lead in the future."

Full Story can be found on BBC News at this link.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Last Day Of Cornish Beach Summer Dog Ban

Can you tell I am a little excited, today is the last day of the Cornish Beach Summer Dog Ban.
From 1st October you will be allowed to take your dog on the beach at any time of the day.... freedom!

You will normally see notices at the start of beaches like the one below, but sometimes they are not completely up to date.  For all up to date information on which beaches dogs are allowed on please see the Cornwall Council Web Page on Beaches.

Cornwall Council Beach Guide For Dog Users taken at Gwithian
Cornwall Councils Sign For Dog Owners photo taken at Gwithian

I was really pleased to hear that St Ives Town Council has received over 1000 responses to their consultation about the potential complete dog ban to their beaches, the results will be out at the end of October 2012.  I think there are a lot of dogs sat at home with their paws crossed as I type about the out come.

I do understand that not everyone likes dogs, however I do feel that with responsible dog owners making sure that your dogs do not interfere, upset others and of course scoop that poop that we can all share the fun in enjoying our beautiful coastlines.

I hope you all enjoy walking your dogs along the beach this winter, I know I certainly will!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Count down to run free

It's nearly that time of year that us dog owners look forward to..... it's nearly time we can walk on the beaches without worrying about what time it is.

 Most beaches in Cornwall with bans during the summer months only allow dogs from 7pm to 7am, so either its a mad dash in the early morning to get a good walk before 7am or a late one.  I know Jem is far too eager to wait that long for a good walk in the evenings.

 From the 1st October most beaches with bans allows our four legged friends to run free at any time. Woo Hoo.  This has to be one of my favourite all time things to do on a cold day, wrap up warm and go for a long walk with the sea air and wind in both mine and Jems hair.

It is so funny to watch dogs run free on our beaches especially if there is a bit of wind, they run crazy and I feel they really enjoy the freedom and meeting other dog walkers. I am so excited about walking on the beaches, and I know Jem can't wait.  I look forward to see many of you fellow dog walkers on the beach.

 Though it's a great time for us we need to appreciate that not everyone loves dogs, so please bear this in mind especially those with children. This is not only for the people's sake but also we never know how our dogs will react to different situations. Oh and don't forget to scoop that poop!

Before you set off  you can check the dog bans on beaches on this web page Cornwall Council Beaches in Cornwall, where you can check out the main beaches.

Cornish Beach, Dog Running Free, Dog Ban Lifts
Freedom to RUN on the Cornish Beaches

There are often concerns that some beaches might be banned completely from dogs in the future and I personally would hate this to happen.

In the press recently there has been stories about St Ives Beaches which might be banned to any animals all the time. Disaster (in a Strictly Judge kind of speak). 
A group of residents have formed called St Ives Dog Owner Group are trying to combat this.
Here are links to the story on the ITV WestCountry and This is Cornwall.

Currently there is a consultation about the ban and walking dogs in St Ives- which actually ends today (28th September 2012) so please be quick to respond if you wish to .  The link to the consultation is here.
Fingers crossed it works out that there is no full ban.

Don't forget if any of you or a member of your family need the use of wheel chairs or help with getting around you can still join in the beach dog walk fun by using a sand chair which are located around Cornwall's beaches for full details see Disability Cornwall.

I hope that the weather stays well so at least we can enjoy some time down on the beach with our four legged friends.  Have fun and I will see you at the beach.